Revelstoke – March 2017

Ryan, Zoe & I spent the other weekend in Revelstoke, my absolute favourite place on Earth! The drive out there was beautiful, not too busy and the roads were all clear which was the best start to the weekend! I drove & Zoe stayed up front with me while Ryan & his friend Billy hung out in the backseat. While they were skiing I went snowshoeing at Mount Macpherson with Zoe to accompany/protect me, turns out I mostly just took photos of her.. but she’s cute I can’t help it! After we finished the snowshoe trail we wandered down to Begbie Falls.

Finally got to some sunset photos at Martha Creek Provincial Park. I tried to get some the evening we drove in but I JUST missed the most beautiful sunset, I was so bummed but this one made up for it.

It was raining on our last day so we just drove around and ended up at Arrow Lake Reservoir. I drove by this place last year so I was happy to get a chance to actually check it out!

Aaand I made Ryan stop at Emerald Lake on our way home. Driving back from the mountains is always so sad & tough for me, always thinking of the next time I’ll be back. 🙂


The Steele Family

I had the pleasure of taking photos of the Steele family again! We first met back in September last year when we spent a beautiful fall evening walking around McKenzie Trails. This time I was welcomed into their home with their family, the day after Piper’s first birthday party. Holden and Piper are the absolute cutest & I couldn’t believe how much Piper grew in just six months! It’s always an honour and means SO much to me to have repeat clients, especially when I get to watch/capture their little ones grow up.

Canmore/Banff Adventure – March 11, 2017

A little late blogging Dannielle and I’s adventure the other week! It was too cold and I was feeling far too lazy to go on any hikes so we spent the day cruising around Canmore and Banff.  After we walked around Bow River we had lunch in Canmore at the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. and had the BEST bagel sandwiches ever. Then we did the Lake Minnewanka Scenic Drive, first time I’ve ever done that drive without seeing any elk… still beautiful though. A well needed, relaxing day spent in the mountains with my best friend. 🙂

The Stewart Family

This is the family that won my Family Day Facebook giveaway! I was ecstatic they won when I saw how absolutely ADORABLE they are, plus I always love when the family dog gets to join our shoot. Harper and Aubrey are such sweet little girls who love to dance and sing, Kirby brought out the karaoke machine and they sung up a storm for us!

The Wade Family

As soon as I walked into the Wade’s home I knew it was going to be a dream session! Not only are they incredibly beautiful and kind people but their home is gorgeous and has amazing light. I had a wonderful time chatting away, drinking the best latte straight from their kitchen, and just hanging out with them while they went about their day. Sullivan is such a little doll and the amount of love radiating from Brittany & Andrew towards him was incredibly heart-warming. Plus just look at Mabel! She is one of the sweetest and cutest dogs I’ve ever met. I couldn’t help but smile going through these photos, they are such a beautiful family and I’m honoured to have been able to capture this special time in their lives.

Abby & Nicole Maurier

I was so excited when I got an email from Abby asking me if I would take her photos for her Miss Teen Alberta competition, especially after meeting her and seeing what an absolutely gorgeous lady she is! We kicked off the day by getting her hair done by the incredibly talented Lindsey Bell at Crop Hair Boutique downtown, where we met up with Abby’s mom, Nicole (who is also insanely beautiful).  Lindsey did such a killer job on Abby’s hair with a gorgeous half up-do and stunning curls.  From there we went to Dose and luckily made it in before they closed, the lighting/vibe there is amazing and the coffee is even better! After we grabbed our coffees we walked around for a bit downtown, it was a super chilly day but Abby & Nicole were absolute champs about it.  Nicole had the best idea that we should go into Sunworks and take some there and I am forever grateful for that because the photos turned out beautifully!! There are also SO many neat things in that shop, I’ll definitely be back to pick up some decor items I eyed up there!

Ziegler Family Vacation – Part 2 – February, 2017

We stayed at Emerald Lake Lodge for a few days and it was the greatest!  Some of our wedding photos were taken here so it seemed natural to stay here on what was technically our honeymoon.  The food was absolutely incredible, probably the best food we’ve ever eaten in our lives. It was super cold and cloudy most of the days we were there but on our last day there the skies opened up for us thankfully!

This was our cabin!! Well the upstairs portion of it.^^Best way to end the day!

On Wednesday we headed to Fernie! We had to go through Golden because of the avalanche on Highway 1 between Field & Lake Louise that morning.  We had amazing timing again because just as we got to Fernie it started to snow heavily again, lol! It snowed most of the time we were there and Ryan was in heaven.  He had a wicked day of skiing on Thursday and I had an awesome day of snowshoeing. There was SO. MUCH. SNOW. Seriously it was up to my knees at some parts ON the snowshoe trail!

Ziegler Family Vacation – Part 1 – February, 2017

Ryan & I spent last week in the Rockies together!  We probably could have chosen a warmer week but it was a wonderful time regardless.  We left for Canmore at the perfect time because it started snowing heavily right after we got there.  On Saturday we explored a few different trails in the area, some around town, Grassi Lakes & a bit of the Goat Creek trail.

On Sunday morning we did the Lake Minnewanka Scenic Drive, you can always count on seeing some elk there! We were planning on doing the Castle Mountain hike after the drive but with avalanche conditions being so terrible we decided to hike from Moose Meadows to the Ink Pots. It was absolutely gorgeous with all of the fresh snow covering the trees and definitely the quietest day I’ve ever seen at the Ink Pots.

A wonderful friend of my mother’s gave us a gift card for Kingmik Dog Sledding in Lake Louise so that is what we did on Tuesday! It was nearly -30°C that morning but such an incredible experience. I absolutely love everything about dog sledding! I want to have my own team one day haha!


Rummel Lake – January 29, 2017

Dannielle and I did the Rummel Lake trail on Sunday. It was the perfect Sunday hike! Not too long (10k return, 400m elevation) or busy, beautiful views and not super challenging. We brought snowshoes but didn’t find it necessary to bring them since the trail was so packed down. We did, however, bring poles which I was grateful for at a few spots. Dannielle and I hadn’t done a hike – just the two of us – in what feels like forever so this was a much needed trip! Zoe also had a blast, exploring & playing in the snow. We didn’t see many people on the way up but on our way down we passed a fair amount, a few cross country skiers which is impressive! This is a wonderful alternative to the much busier Chester Lake, and just under five km away!

The VandenBrink Family

I was lucky enough to hang out with the VandenBrink family while they got ready for the Daddy Daughter dance on Saturday! Krista co-owns Breathing Room Yoga Studio and I take her class most mornings. She is the most incredible yoga teacher, person, mom & light in my life, I couldn’t wait to get to know her family a bit better.

Within just a few moments of being there I knew it was going to be tons of fun, Gretchen is one of the funniest, sweetest girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking photos of. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous – she is hilarious, incredibly kind and a natural entertainer! Dancing and singing the evening away. These photos just melt my heart, you can see how much Krista and Chad love each other (& Gretchen!) and are meant to be. Truly a beautiful family inside and out!!