Ryan, Zoe & I spent the other weekend in Revelstoke, my absolute favourite place on Earth! The drive out there was beautiful, not too busy and the roads were all clear which was the best start to the weekend! I drove & Zoe stayed up front with me while Ryan & his friend Billy hung out in the backseat. While they were skiing I went snowshoeing at Mount Macpherson with Zoe to accompany/protect me, turns out I mostly just took photos of her.. but she’s cute I can’t help it! After we finished the snowshoe trail we wandered down to Begbie Falls.

Finally got to some sunset photos at Martha Creek Provincial Park. I tried to get some the evening we drove in but I JUST missed the most beautiful sunset, I was so bummed but this one made up for it.

It was raining on our last day so we just drove around and ended up at Arrow Lake Reservoir. I drove by this place last year so I was happy to get a chance to actually check it out!

Aaand I made Ryan stop at Emerald Lake on our way home. Driving back from the mountains is always so sad & tough for me, always thinking of the next time I’ll be back. 🙂